Reptile Project

Are you interested in snakes, frogs, lizards, and turtles? Do you like biology? Would you like to learn all about reptiles? Then the Reptile Project is perfect for you!

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Turtle Conservation

Are you interested in wildlife conservation? Would you like to live and work on a beautiful Costa Rican beach and meet lots of like-minded volunteers? Then become a Costa Rica turtle conservation volunteer with us!

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Biological Research Center

Are you interested in biology, wildlife, and love nature? And do you want to learn more about the exotic animals and nature of Costa Rica? Then you should be a volunteer or intern on our ‘Biological Research Center’ project!

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National Park Volunteer

Would you like to work on as a park ranger on the most incredible conservation site of Costa Rica? Do you have a passion for nature? Then you should volunteer on our ‘National Park Volunteer’ project!

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Reforestation & Recycling

Reforestation projects around the Osa Peninsula and other parts of Costa Rica need your help.
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Wildlife Sanctuary

Would you like to work in a wildlife Sanctuary? And do you have a passion for wild animals and exotic nature? Then you should volunteer on our ‘Wildlife Sanctuary’ project!

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Teaching Children Project

Teaching Children Project Would you like to work with children and make a positive contribution to their future? Then you should volunteer on our ‘Teaching Children’ project! Quick Facts  Age requirement: 16+ years Working Schedule: 5 days a week for 7 – 8...
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Organic Farming

Would you like to help on a Costa Rican farm? Are you interested in sustainability and organic food? Then our Organic Farming project is ideal for you!Would you like to help on a Costa Rican farm? Are you interested in sustainability and organic food? Then our Organic...
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Dog Rescue Project

If you love dogs and cats you want to help out in a great project with a real cause? Help us at GLVs dog and cat rescue project.

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Environmental Education

Would you be interested in establishing an environmental education program in local elementary schools in Costa Rica? Are you passionate about nature and like teaching kids? Than this project could be perfect for you.
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We offer affordable volunteer projects that actually make a difference for communities, animals, and people.

About Us

Solar Power Project - A Hands On Workshop


Project start date – 18th of June 2016! Applications open until 15th of May.

The Solar Power Project – A Hands On Workshop involves you learning about Solar Energy, and providing power to the poorest and most remote places on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.

Organic Farming

Would you like to help on a Costa Rican farm? Are you interested in sustainability and organic food? Then our sustainable farming project is ideal for you.

The farm is located in the mountains of the Osa Peninsula Jungle, and is only reachable by horseback. The farmers Teresa and Evaristo do everything in their power to make the farm a beautiful and organic place. They include the volunteers in almost all expects of the daily farm work, including helping with the animals (horses, cows, and pigs), helping to harvest, carry around wood, and also invite you to be part of the cooking process.. and learn a few great Costa Rican recipes.

It's Turtle Conservation Season on Carribean Side

Turtle Conservation Season on the Carribean side of Costa Rica is in full swing! We offer one of the most affordable fees for Turtle Conservation in all of Costa Rica! Turtle Conservation projects all along the Carribean coast need help right now. The Pacific Coast turtle season starts again in June, and they’ll also have a busy season.

As a Turtle Conservation volunteer you’ll help patrolling the beach and most importantly – save sea turtles from extinction!

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Teaching Children – Cleome

Cleome’s Review (taken from Abroad Reviews): I volunteered with Green Life Volunteers in August of 2015. This was my first “solo” travel experience and also my first experience volunteering abroad. I stayed with a lovely host family who only spoke Spanish... read more

Turtle Volunteer Blog – Cassie

Cassie's Turtle Volunteer Experience - Day 5 / 6 It is quite the week this week for turtle nesting. The past three nights I’ve walked this week there has been a turtle every single time that has nested. Two nights ago, we were with one turtle for about thirty... read more

The beauty of the Osa Peninsula

Hi everyone, We are working a lot on the website, movies, new projects, handbooks and a lot more, but we also need some relax time. And our relax time was next week. Some friends or Carlies were in Costa Rica and we did a lot of things in the Osa Peninsula. We went to... read more

Arboretum visit

Saturday 16 January we visited the Arboretum. Arboretum means a collection of trees, and now I have been there, I can confirm that it is a collection of trees. When we were there, we got a tour through the Arboretum by Juan. Juan told us a lot about the Arboretum and... read more