We are looking for an English teacher for our JumpStart program, which is a month long intensive and interactive English camp during January designed for 20-25 sixth grade students who did not receive English classes in their public elementary schools.

The JumpStart materials are aligned with the Ministry of Public Education’s seventh grade curriculum, giving students the foundation they need before starting classes in February.

Since JumpStart Puerto Jimenez is held at the local high school (CTP Puerto Jimenez), it gives students from rural communities, where class sizes are 3-5 students, the chance to form a support group and familiarize themselves with the high school surroundings, as it is an intimidating change. JumpStart not only gives these kids English training, but also focuses on developing study skills and life-long learning habits that are crucial for success in the first years of high school.

The results of the first and second editions of JumpStart were staggering in terms of both student achievement (as measured by pre and post oral exams) as well as the amount of confidence students had with the language.

The community of Puerto Jimenez is familiar with the JumpStart program as the local high school, CTP Puerto Jimenez, has hosted a camp in both January 2015 and 2016 with the support of local Peace Corps Volunteers and donations from local businesses.

JumpStart Goals and Objectives:

1. Local youth will enter high school better prepared for all around academic success and the demands of the English curriculum in particular.
A. English Foundation: At least 70% of camp participants will demonstrate the ability to converse more fluidly in English regarding topics covered on the Ministry of Education´s English curriculum for primary students (greetings/leave takings, describing appearance and personality, foods, numbers, etc.) by showing improvement between pre- and post-camp oral interviews.
B. Confidence: At least 70% of camp participants will adopt a more positive perspective of high school and their academic potential in general, based on participants´ answers on student surveys administered at the beginning and end of camp.

The JumpStart curriculum and materials will all be provided to the teacher.

This includes: teacher’s curriculum and detailed daily lesson plans; student workbooks for each student; visual materials prepared and laminated for all lessons; materials such as markers, tape, crayons, scissors, glue, colored paper, etc.; prepared pre and post-tests as well as student surveys; and student certificates. If you would like to preview the curriculum and materials to be provided, please ask!

Details and Requirements:

Camp Dates: January 9th — February 3rd, 2017; Plan to arrive to Puerto Jimenez on January 4th in order to have 4 days to set up the classroom as you wish and become familiar with the town. Departure date: Anytime between February 4th and February 8th, 2017.

Camp Hours / Expected Work Schedule: Monday — Friday 8:00 am — 11:30 am with an additional hour to hour and a half of daily preparation and room clean-up.

Working Situation: The high school will provide a classroom with 20 student desks, a teacher’s desk and a whiteboard. The camp organizers, ASCONA, will provide all other teacher materials listed in the description above. ASCONA will also prepare all of the visual materials before the camp, so daily material preparation will be minimal.

The JumpStart curriculum provides daily lesson plans for the 20 camp days as well as instructions on setting up a classroom, rules suggestions, graduation ceremony guidelines, etc. You will have access to the cafeteria and the high school will provide snack (fruits and drink) for the students each day, although the teacher will be responsible to prepare and serve the fruits and drink. ASCONA will likely provide a volunteer to help in these types of capacities during the camp.

It is likely that you will be working with a “teaching assistant” – a Costa Rican university student studying to be an English teacher. Another goal of the JumpStart project is to provide an opportunity for Costa Rican university students or MEP teachers to participate in a JumpStart camp where she or he can practice English with a native speaker for a month as well as learn new teaching techniques to use in his or her future classroom.

C1 English Level or native English speaker preferred. Basic Spanish required and highly recommended to have at least an Intermediate Spanish level.

Required: Teaching License or TEFL Certificate or 2 years of teaching experience

Housing and food will be provided with a local host family for 5 weeks, from Jan. 4th-Feb.8th, 2017.

Transportation costs to/from Puerto Jimenez are not covered.

Please contact us for more info, and send us your resume / CV to: info@glvolunteers.com