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Environmental Education Project Report

Morgan’s Blog – Morgan is a 27 year old volunteer from Canada, who is working for two months on our Environmental Education program in Puerto Jimenez, She's an environmental sciences teacher in Canada with classroom experience. This is her first blog...

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Turtle Volunteer Blog – Cassie

It is quite the week this week for turtle nesting. The past three nights I've walked this week there has been a turtle every single time that has nested. Two nights ago, we were with one turtle for about thirty minutes before we realized there was another one not even...

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The beauty of the Osa Peninsula

Hi everyone, We are working a lot on the website, movies, new projects, handbooks and a lot more, but we also need some relax time. And our relax time was next week. Some friends or Carlies were in Costa Rica and we did a lot of things in the Osa Peninsula. We went to...

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Arboretum visit

Saturday 16 January we visited the Arboretum. Arboretum means a collection of trees, and now I have been there, I can confirm that it is a collection of trees. When we were there, we got a tour through the Arboretum by Juan. Juan told us a lot about the Arboretum and...

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Business trip

  Hi everyone! On the 28th of December all staff members of Green Life Volunteers went on a little business trip! We visited three new projects Green Life Volunteers will offer in the future. On the first day of business trip we visited a Biological Research...

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  Corcovado School is a small bilingual school in Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula. We are hiring elementary school teachers and kindergarten teachers with former work experience in education. It is not necessary to speak Spanish – although it helps with your daily...

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Christmas Bird Counting Hike

Last Saturday we went to the Christmas Bird Counting Hike in Puerto Jimenez. The Bird Counting group we participated was at Osa Interactive Gardens. The hike started at 05.30 o’clock, which we find very early. First we got an introduction and an explanation about what...

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Help wanted for Dobby

Hi everyone, I will give you an update about the two rescued dogs Mila and Dobby which you maybe remember from the last blog. Mila and Dobby are both rescued by a project of Green Life Volunteers, the 'Dog Rescue Project'. Mila has been transferred to a new loving...

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Rescued dogs

Hi everyone, Last weekend, Janina had a big surprise for us. There were two dogs who where rescued, and we got the honor to take care of them. Saturday, on Thyrza’s birthday, we got Mila. She was rescued last Friday while we had a meeting for EducaOsa. We took her to...

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Two Dutchies arrived in Puerto Jimenez

Hi everyone, let us introduce ourselves. We are the new interns of Green Life Volunteers. Our names are Thyrza (the blonde one) and Carlies (the curly hair). We are both Dutch students who are currently studying Bachelor Business with a degree on Vitality and Tourism...

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