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Final days in Puerto Jimenez.

My time has almost finished in Costa Rica so this would be my last blog story. The last two months I have been working on my research because this is also very important next to the work I have been doing for Green Life Volunteers. Transcribing and analyzing the...

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My experience in Costa Rica

Hey everyone, I have stayed in Costa Rica almost 4 moths, I am still doing my internship in Puerto Jimenez. I have experienced a lot about culture, volunteer, Costa Rican life and somewhere of landscape. I had a nice holiday in Costa Rica during charismas and New...

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Holiday in Paradise!

Hey guys it has been a while since my last blog entree so I thought let’s share a new one. Actually I have been working a lot on completing my competences in order to start with my research about student volunteers. Things I have been working on are: making a handbook...

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The integration process continues…

  Hey guys here is another story from paradise so of course you have to read it. One thing which really surprised me of Puerto Jimenez was that there was actually something happening in this small village. The whole town celebrated an event around a decorated...

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Celebrating Christmas!

My second project was to the turtle conservation in Matapalo and we were staying there for three days. Every volunteer had a time schedule to go to the hatchery and check if turtles were born. Guanhao and I had to be there at 3:00 AM till 6:00 AM. We had to wear red...

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Volunteering at Corcovado School

30th- 6th,DEC. weekly diary   This week I went to Corcovado School as a volunteer for 2 days. Corcovado school is a private school located in Puerto Jimenez, it is a one of volunteering project (teach English) of Green Life Volunteers.   The Corcovado school...

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My experience in Costa Rica sofar!

Hey everyone, my name is Kaho from the Netherlands and I am doing my graduation internship for Green Life Volunteers for 7 months to complete my university’s requirements during my Bachelor degree in “Vitality and Tourism Management”. I’ve been here now for a week and...

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My first week in Costa Rica

16.-22. weekly diary

Hi my name is Guanhao I am from Nanjing, China, but I study currently in my Bachelor degree in Vitality and Tourism Management in the Netherlands. This is my first week I have been living in Costa Rica to do my Internship to complete my final requirements for my school work.

The first impression for me is it is a natural country and that the landscapes are very beautiful and it is warm here! Actually I am living in a jungle of Puerto Jimenez and close to the beach as well. Unfortunately, it still rains very often right now since it’s rainy season in Costa Rica.

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GLV Intern: Adventure Around Every Corner

Though my time here in Costa Rica is sadly coming to an end, I will do everything in my power to make sure every minute left counts! Working during the week was very normal, playing with the puppies and kitties while at the same time trying to get the word out about...

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GLV Intern: Veterinarian in Training

You know that moment when you suddenly look around at your surroundings, and have no idea how you got yourself into that situation? This happened to me at about 11 am yesterday, in the middle of a neutering procedure for a 1 year old dog. How, you might ask, did I...

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GLV Intern: You Never Know What To Expect

This is officially the beginning of my third week in Costa Rica! I have mixed feelings because while it feels like I just arrived, I feel as comfortable as if I've been here for months. Things have just been going by so fast and a lot has happened this past week!...

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GLV Intern: Avery’s First Week

I have officially been in Puerto Jimenez for a full week! It is unbelievable that I have been here for so long, especially because it still feels like I just arrived. Even though it has only been a week, so much has been happening in the Osa. Surprisingly, I never had...

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July is here!

July will be a busy month for Green Life Volunteers. We have many volunteers arriving during July, and much to do: We're hoping to hold our Solar Panel Project in the end of July, as well as organize a visit for an Indian Volunteer group to do reforestation and turtle...

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Update from Our Dog and Cat Rescue Project

Green Life Volunteer's Dog Rescue project has been in full swing since the beginning of 2014. We've already rescued and successfully adopted out several adult dogs and many litters of puppies and kittens. We are also helping to organize spaying and neutering clinics,...

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Abroad Reviews

We have an account on Abroad Reviews and our volunteers can publish their unbiased reviews so that you can trust we're not making them up 😉 .. We're a small local Costa Rican organization and we don't buy reviews or pay people to write reviews.. all of our volunteer...

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Many New Volunteers for 2014

Hello everyone... Happy New Year 2014. We've signed up many new volunteers for our projects for the next few months... Turtle conservation, teaching English, and dog and animal rescue projects are amongst the most popular. We're pleased to have such great volunteers...

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