Dog and Cat Rescue Project

Do you love dogs ? Would you like to help rescue them and help them find new homes? Then you should join as a volunteer on this project!
  • Age requirement: 18+ years
  • Dates: Year around.
  • Working Schedule: 5-7 days a week for max 6-8 hours a day
  • Language requirement: English. Basic Spanish would be advantageous.
  • Costs: A one week experience costs 449 USD, and add on 149 USD for each additional week. 
  • Accommodation: Project Accommodation (Volunteer House)
  • Food: Food is provided to you and you may prepare some meals yourself, and others may be prepared for you
  • Location: Rivas de Perez Zeledon, near San Isidro del General, Costa Rica
  • We provide: 24/7 emergency telephone support
  • Optional: A letter of recommendation and certificate at the end of your volunteer time

This dog rescue project is a big volunteer and foster home for Charlie’s Angels (the organization rescuing dogs). The organization exists since 2.5 years and they have rescued and found homes for many dogs.  As a dog rescue volunteer you will be working with beautiful dogs, volunteers, foster families, vets and generally enjoying the lay of the land. You will have plenty of animal companions with which to watch the gorgeous sunsets or take long, leisurely walks do mountain paths and along the Buena Vista River.

You will be helping us change the face of unwanted animals in Costa Rica. We want to give those dogs a better environment to live whilst they are recovering and whilst they are waiting for their adoptions. The volunteer house has a large outdoor and a smaller indoor kennel.

This is a 24/7 job. The dog rescue volunteer is going to be the assistant of the main managers and other volunteers of the rescue project. The volunteer also has to support the project with office related tasks.  We also expect from the volunteer to help with cooking and basic household tasks at the volunteer house. The dogs are living with you. You need to feed them, make sure they get their medication, keep track of vaccines dates etc and make sure everything is clean and they have no fleas or ticks. The rescue organization is covering all costs for flea and tick medication, food, vet bills, and other dog related items.  Volunteers are welcome to go on an occasional day or weekend trip if another volunteer remains on site to take care of the property and animals.

We ask that volunteers:

  •       give all dogs a lot of love and attention – lots of playtime
  •       feed dogs twice a day, make sure they have water and they are clean and safe.
  •       keep them free of fleas and ticks (we give them pills, they work very well for at least 6 weeks)
  •       take the dogs on walks (depending on how many we have, not all of them at the same time)
  •       make sure the dog beds are clean (you will have a washing machine)
  •       take good photos of the dogs for our rescue page (when I am not there – my husband and I travel a lot for work
  •       bring them to the vet if there is an issue
  •       fixing kennels or anything house related.

Other Duties include:

  •       Connecting with Facebook dog lover groups in Costa Rica, but also USA and Canada – posting our stories and photos of your rescue cases
  •       Finding homes for our dogs through social media
  •       Finding flight escorts to Canada and the USA o within Costa Rica.
  •       Coordinating dog transports to the two different airports in Costa Rica
  •       Coordinating dog transports within Costa Rica – escort the animal if necessary
  •       Coordinating travel paperwork with our vets
  •       Booking the animal on flights / checking flight regulations for pet travel for different airlines
  •       Proof reading (In English) for publications
  •       Instagram: We do have a page, which needs to be filled with photos + stories

The volunteer should have a strong interest in dog care. They need to help walk them in the morning and to cuddle and play with them. This should not be considered as a part of their “duties”, it needs to be something the volunteer enjoys.

You should also speak Spanish on a beginner level, since you’ll be dealing with local Costa Ricans, and not everyone speaks English.

The non-profit organization we are working with is called “Charlies Angel’s” and is located in the mountains of Perez Zeledon, near San Isidro del General.

Click here to read more about San Isidro and Perez Zeledon.

You’ll be living and sharing the volunteer house with other volunteers. The accommodations for volunteers are shared dormitory style rooms. You’ll share a bathroom with other volunteers, and the common areas.  The food will be purchased for you, and sometimes other volunteers may prepare some meals for you, but you may also have to prepare some meals yourself, such as breakfast or lunch, or decide to all cook together. You’ll have to be flexible and discuss this with the other volunteers. In the volunteer house there is gas for cooking, electricity, wifi and a weekly visit by a gardener and cleaner.

The organization receives volunteers year around.

Minimum time commitment should be 2 weeks.

The work load won’t be more than 3-5 hours per day, 5 days per week.

They volunteer has to be available for quick consultations any day of the week.

The costs for this project are:

  • First week’s fee: $ 449
  • Every Additional Week: $ 149 (It does not matter many weeks you choose, this fee stays the same)

FEES EXPLAINED: Our organizational fee of around $249 – $299 is included in the first week’s fee and covers the “behind the scenes costs”, such as staff salaries, office space rental, transaction and bank fees, and more. Our weekly fee for additional weeks covers the costs of your host family or project accommodation and food, the local staff on your project, and a donation to help with the daily running costs of the program you will help on.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE FEE: First and last night in San Jose in a hostel, travel to and from the international airport (airport shuttles are around 30$ each way to San Jose – We can set this up for you, just ask us during sign-up), travel to the project site (usually by public buses, which are from around 10-16$ one way), national/ International flights, travel insurance, visa costs, any additional food or snacks besides the host family meals, extra-curricular activities.




Here are more photos of the volunteer house, where you’ll live, and the area where the volunteer / foster house is located:

Reviews of the Dog and Cat Rescue Project

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