Group Volunteering in Costa Rica

Group of Volunteers resting at a River

At Green Life Volunteers we provide group volunteering to families ,friends, co-workers, social organisations, universities, school groups, religious communities or any collection of people with a desire to hang out together whilst making a valuable contribution to one of our projects!

No matter how big your group is we can cater from 3 to 30 people and more! We pride ourselves with our personal relationships and flexibility with potential volunteers, thus tell us your ideas, size and make up of your group and together we can tailor a project to fit your needs.

Whether your goals are team building, educational or simply to get together as a group with some of your favorite people, to have fun whilst making a difference on one of our projects, we are sure we can provide you with an appropriate project.

We will work closely with you to sculpt and customise a project using your ideas and our knowledge and great relationships we have built here with the communities. You can have as much control as desired; start dates are flexible to your needs as will be the duration of your project- no project time is too short or too long!

Volunteers Groups in Costa Rica

Making Chocolate from Scratch – Organic Farming

Green Life Volunteers’ help doesn’t stop when your programme does. If you plan on spending more time in this great country we would be happy to set up  and advise tours, transfers and packages from our list of  professional and trusted tour providers. See also our “Why Costa Rica” section to find out more about Costa Rica and what there is to do.

Fees & Group Discounts

If you sign up with your group, we give you a discount too! If you sign up with 3 people or more (including the group leaders), you will receive a 10% discount on the first week’s project fee. That means depending on the project fee, we will take off 10% of the first week’s fee for all of the group members. If you’re a group with 6 or more participants, we can even allow you greater discounts up to 15% of the first week’s fee! So get your friends together to volunteer and join one of our projects together as a group – and save money!

You can also do a combination of different projects – and we will only charge the one-time higher fee for the first week per group member, and then the normal fee for each additional week.

Group Volunteering in Costa Rica

Group setting out to go Birdwatching in Perez Zeledon

Tour Guides

We can provide a bilingual Group Tour Guide that can assist and coordinate the group throughout the trip. The Guide will stay with the group at all times and will be your direct point of communication. They will be there to ensure the safety of the group, coordinate the group’s daily schedules, communicate with the community, answer any questions or deal with any queries that the group may have and direct any external tours or activities as desired by the group. A tour guide will cost extra depending on the length of your stay or need for a guide, so just let us know what you’d like to do.

Transportation & Arrival in Costa Rica
We can organize transportation and air-port pick-ups for your group. Depending on your groups’ size prices differ (since it may be a small bus or just a van that we need to pick you up). We can organize everything else for you as well – for your hostel stay for the first night in San Jose, your transport to the project site, and transportation to other parts of Costa Rica. Just let us know what you’d like to do and we’ll accommodate your needs.

If you would like to sign up your group, contact us with your questions and request!