Jian spent 2 months at GLVs office from May 2016 – July 2016, and helped with videos, web work, and promotions.

Read his review:

“I spent two months interning in Green Life Volunteers. While I am now sitting down and looking back what I had been through in the past days, I would say it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Janina is a super awesome person who helped accommodating me in a local family when I first came and kept informing me of some interesting events around the town. Meanwhile I find myself learned a lot from this internship. Since I had been living with locals I had to practice my Spanish and tried to immerse myself in the Tico culture. I also learned how to edit videos, promote programs, and improve the web design.  This skills may not be relevant with my major, but I find it quite interesting to learn something fresh and it keeps me being an active learner which indeed is a treasure.

Being an intern means I have more time to explore the new world. Luckily I had a chance to stay a couple of days in a remote farm up a mountain with my host family. It is unforgettable. Up there I tried to milk the cow, make original chocolate, and ride a horse. The host family is super accommodating and friendly. Especially Teresa, the mom in the family, kept taking good care of me. Sometimes I felt bored about the local food, she would assist me cooking some traditional food in my country. It means a lot to me! I feel so lucky to live with them and the living experience worths to be remembered.

Two months, though sounds quite long, actually is a glimpse in time being an intern with Janina. For me this internship is highly rewarding and I sincerely appreciate all of the help from my friends, the host family, and the locals.”