Fundraising for Student Volunteers.

Our volunteer projects are specifically chosen for their contribution to the local community and the affordability to participate. Unfortunately, volunteering abroad can still be expensive if you count everything up (fees, insurance, flights and unexpected costs). Especially for students who would love to experience a volunteering trip abroad. All students have different situations and some can simply not afford spending this amount of money. This is mainly because students are still in school and therefore they are not able to save some money and if they would have a part-time job in the weekends, it would be most probably been spend to personal activities.

Furthermore, Green Life Volunteers aims on giving students the opportunity to make volunteering for every student accessible. This is done by collaborating with crowd-funding website ‘’gofundme’’ whereby students can fundraise their volunteer trip abroad. Fundraising should however not be underestimated, it takes energy, time and persistence but if you really desire to pursue a volunteering trip abroad, it will eventually pay off in the end.  In addition, students can sign in and make a personal fundraising page. On this page you are able: to determine your financial objectives, writing a personal description for your friends the reasons behind your fundraising, making use of social media platforms to share your fundraising and financial services for you to check upon your financial achievements and to collect funding.

Check out “Fundmytravel” for more info!


Tips for fundraising your Volunteering Trip.

  • If you are planning to fundraise for a volunteer project of Green Life Volunteers, you should send us an email about your fundraise plan and we will send you a letter which you can use to send it to external sources. Additionally, we would recommend you to make the letter more personalized with keeping mind why you have chosen a specific volunteer project at Green Life Volunteers.


  • You can start with asking your friends, family and other relevant people you know to support you with your fundraising. After contacting them you could for example ask for support to basically everyone in your community. When people know you as person, they tend to help you more easily for helping your personal development than people who do not know you at all.


  • Ask your friends to help you by asking them if they could share your message concerning fundraising to others. This can for example be done in a post on Facebook, face to face, Twitter etcetera. You got more chance of financial support by asking more people to share your fundraising story.


  • We do have to say that you should start directly because fundraising cost time, energy and persistence. If you start immediately, you might be amazed how fast you would see some results towards your objectives.


  • Try to write a short letter of maximum one page because people do not always have or make time to read a long letter. We are certain that all relevant information regarding your fundraising project can easily be explained in one page.


  • It is interesting for your financial supporters how your fundraising progress is going. Furthermore, you could write a certain financial indication of what financial supporters could be donating in terms of achieving your objectives.


  • Your personal story has to interest the audience and this might be hard for people who do not know you at all. However, you could enhance your approach by doing a follow up call. This might help because they actually are in real contact with you and they can ask you questions about your fundraising which you can immediately answer to make them fully understand your story.


  • Being grateful for those who have supported you should be done instead of just receiving their money and go. Moreover, it would be a good thing to give your financial supporters a regular update of your financial progress. They might even ask other people to support you but most importantly keeping them updated about you volunteering project abroad will make them satisfied and may know that they invested the money well. Afterwards, you should send a thank you to all of your financial supporters who made your dream come true.

If you would like to start fundraising with ‘’gofundme’’for your volunteer trip abroad, please click on the logo:gofundme (1)


Green Life Volunteers wishes you good luck with your fundraising and hopefully you will be volunteering with us in the future!

If you have any question concerning fundraising for your volunteering at Green Life Volunteers, please contact us here We look forward to write, chat, talk or video chat with you!












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