Heliconia Flowers in Costa RicaMisty cloud forests, howler monkey calls, colorful toucans and macaws, steaming volcanoes… and amazing tropical beaches – these are just a few reasons to come and volunteer in Costa Rica… Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries – with almost 4% of all species on this planet. Biodiversity protection is extremely valuable for Costa Rica since it drives nature tourism in the country (and therefore it improves Costa Rica’s economic situation). Despite Costa Rican’s beauty and diversity, the country is still developing and faces various problems, such as poverty, poaching, habitat loss, harmful agricultural practices, and under-education. If you are interested in living and working in paradise… gain invaluable work experience for your future – and all that while having fun – then you should come to Costa Rica and help to develop communities, promote sustainability, and protect biodiversity! Our Current Projects include (click on the projects for more info):


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