Annika from Switzerland (22 years old at the time) volunteered in May 2019 on the Veterinary Internship project in Puerto Jimenez.

This is her review (which you can also view on GoAbroad):

Annika at work at the Osavet clinic.

Last May I travelled to Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica to volunteer in the veterinary practice OSAVET for two month.
I had a wonderful time there and would never forget all these great memories and all these lovely people I met. Especially the vet and his family were incredibly kind and welcomed me heartily. From the first day working there I really felt at home.
At first I could help holding the animals, cleaning the tables and the instruments or taking care about the dogs and cats in the kennels who had to stay overnight. Then the vet also showed me how to take the temperature, clean ears, cut the claws and weigh the animals and after some days I could already receive the patients by myself and “prepare” them before the vet came for the examination. Three times I participated at castration campaigns and helped out with washing and preparing the right instruments for female or male dogs/cats, helping to prepare and inject the antibiotics, disinfecting, holding the instruments during the surgery etc.
The vet was always very patient and responded to all my questions generously. What I really appreciated was, that he let me do lots of things by myself and encouraged not to be scared trying it. I really thank him for that and for everything he taught me!
During my stay I lived in a guest family and had my private room. My guest mother was very nice and so generous: I could use everything I wanted (e.g washing machine, kitchen and she permitted me to take food out of the fridge whenever I was hungry).
In general I can say that it really was a great experience; an enormous thank you to Janina who organized everything for me so well and welcomed me in this beautiful country.
Thank you to everybody who made my stay so worthwhile and unforgettable!!

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