Fees at Green Life Volunteers

At Green Life Volunteers we are working hard to offer you one of the most affordable volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica.

We work with different organizations and therefore each project involves different costs.

You can learn Spanish before you begin your project – at some projects you can even learn Spanish during your volunteer work (depending on the project location).

If you’d like to do a COMBINATION of SEVERAL projects, you’ll just pay the higher first-week’s fee once and then only the weekly fees for each of the projects (Note: we charge the higher first week’s fee for the project with the highest overall fees). You can combine any project you’d like!

Volunteer ProjectProject LocationFees for the first weekEach additional week
Reforestation & RecyclingOsa Peninsula $449
Environmental Education Osa Peninsula $449
Veterinary VolunteerPuerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula$449
Teaching ChildrenOsa Peninsula$449$149
Bird Conservation ProjectOsa Peninsula$499$219
National Park VolunteeringCorcovado, Nicoya Peninsula and other Nature Reserves around Costa Rica$549
Turtle ConservationPacific and Caribbean Coasts (several different locations available)$599
Wildlife Rescue CenterAlajuela (Central Valley)$599$299
Biological Research CenterOjochal$649$319
Solar Power Project - Group Course, 2 weeks!
Next dates: 13th of July 2019 - 27th of July 2019
Osa Peninsula$1800 (*entire course fee)
Spanish ClassesSan Isidro del GeneralDiscounted Rate if you do a Volunteer Project:
1 week: $459
2 weeks: $769
3 weeks: $1099
4 weeks: $1420
Rate without Volunteer Project:
1 week: $559
2 weeks: $869
3 weeks: $1199
4 weeks: $1520

*all prices are listed in USD

What is included in the Project Fee



  • The volunteer Project
  • Accommodation with a Host Family
  • Food (usually 2- 3 meals a day)
  • An orientation / introduction
  • The services of our Local Partner Organization
  • 24-hour emergency support while you are on your Program
What is not included in the Project Fee
  • Airfare
  • First night’s accommodation at the hostel in San Jose
  • Last night’s accommodation at the hostel in San Jose
  • Food on the first and last day (outside of the project)
  • Visa costs
  • Travel insurance costs
  • Transportation costs from the airport and to the airport (usually around $30 one way)
  • Transportation costs to the project (cheap local buses which are around 5 – 20$ maximum)
How is my Fee spend ?

We charge a small one time processing and organizational fee for the first week of your project. From then on you’ll pay a weekly fee, which just covers accommodation in your host family, meals, and the project’s staff.

  1. Most of of your fee goes directly to your host family or project accommodation and food, covering food, accommodation, and coordination of your project. Sometimes a donation amount is also included that goes towards the project.
  2. Parts of your payment goes into Green Life Volunteers’ organization, administration, and coordination of your project.
    At Green Life Volunteers we work hard to make your volunteer experience as easy and smooth as possible. We want you to arrive in Costa Rica, and everything is already set up for you, and you know exactly where to go, where you’re staying, how to get there, and what to expect.
    We offer our in-country coordination and support, 24/ 7 emergency hot line in case you need us, the organization of your placement, email communications, Skype calls, setting up your project for, setting up airport pick ups for you, setting up the hostel stay for you in San Jose, and so forth!
Why is the first week's fee higher?


The first week’s fee includes GLVs organizational fee, which is for our efforts to set up and arrange everything for you in Costa Rica.

It also includes the first week’s fee for your accommodation and food, and sometimes a donation to the project.

Every additional week is less since it just covers food and accommodation expenses for you.



Terms and Conditions


Green Life Volunteers’ primary goal is to keep volunteers safe and allow volunteers to have a great working abroad experience in Costa Rica. In order to ensure the best possible experience for our volunteers and those they may come in contact with, we expect all participants to follow and obey our universal volunteer policies.

With paying our fees you automatically agree to our terms and conditions. You will need to read the Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct before beginning your volunteer placement. We will ask you to sign the volunteer contract upon arrival in country, or you can sign it before your arrival in country and scan the last page and email it to us.

You will also find more info on our cancellation and refund policies in our Terms and Conditions document.

Click here to view FULL DETAILS of the Internship

Click here to view FULL DETAILS of the Internship

How do I sign up?

Booking Procedures

Once we receive your completed online application form, a recent photograph, and your deposit payment (amount for the first week of your volunteer project), we will combine this information to produce an internal Volunteer Profile and a Project Confirmation Document. 

We will then send your Volunteer Profile to our local partner organization, so that they can confirm your accommodation and project placement. It may take up to 14 days for us to finalize and complete your booking.
Once we have finalized the booking of your Program we will send you a Completion of Reservation email.

Steps of the Booking Process:

  1. Application Form: Fill out our online application form and email us your photograph. We will review the documents and we will be in touch with you after a few days! We will at the same time inquire about your placement and request for you to be placed at your desired project.
  2. Payment
: One we have received confirmation from the project that you can volunteer, we ask you to make a payment. The payment you will have to make before your arrival in Costa Rica is a deposit payment (the first week of a volunteer project).  You can pay the whole amount of your project in full before arrival in Costa Rica, or choose to pay the weekly fee to the local coordinator after arrival. 

Please note that the prices quoted on the Website are subject to change and it is the responsibility of the Volunteer to be aware of these changes; however, the fees charged will be in accordance with fees quoted on the Website at the time we send you a confirmation that the reservation deposit was received.
  3. Project Confirmation Document: 
This is the definitive document for your Program which we will send to you after we received your payment. The Confirmation of Placement document will include information about your project, arrival and welcome info, and the “next steps” for you to prepare for your stay in Costa Rica.
You should only purchase your flights and book your travel arrangements after you have received your final document – the Confirmation of Placement. 
If you make travel arrangements before you receive your Confirmation of Placement document, which you may have to change, we will not be held responsible.
  4. Invoice
: You will receive an invoice which will outline the payment received for the reservation deposit, and the deadline for when the remainder of the payment of the Program Fee should be made, and also the methods in which we accept payment. You must pay the remainder of your Program Fee as detailed in the invoice 60 days before your Program Arrival Date. If we do not receive your full Program Fee on its due date we will immediately move to cancel your Program. There will be no refund of your Reservation Deposit if we cancel your Program because you did not pay the full fee on time

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To Apply Now just click on the button and fill out our online application form! Also send us a recent portrait style photograph of yourself.

Any other questions ?

To Apply Now just click on the button and fill out our online application form! Also send us a recent portrait style photograph of yourself.

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