Perez Zeledon

Dog and Cat Rescue Project Perez Zeledon

Perez Zeledon and San Isidro

One of our project locations is San Isidro del General in the canton of Perez Zeledon in the southern part of the province of San Jose in Costa Rica. It is also the biggest city in Perez Zeledon. The city San Isidro is located at 130 km from San Jose and 212 km from the boarder to Panama in the South. It’s a diverse and culturally rich city.
We offer the “Learn Spanish” option here as well as our recently added Dog and Cat Rescue project (shelter). The language institution teaches you Spanish every day in intensive small group or private classes for around 3-4 hours. You can choose to do this before your project begin and combine any projects with the language school.

Perez Zeledon and San Isidro

There are a number of activities to do in the area, such as music concerts and theatrical plays. The Perez Zeledon area is one of the most rugged and unexplored regions in Costa Rica, the South Central Region contains many natural wonders, including Costa Rica’s largest collection of virgin forest and the highest peak south of Guatemala, Cerro Chirripo. Chirripo can be climbed and you can stay overnight in a Ranger Station on the peak of the mountain. That’s a great activity to do in the area.

Winding ecosystem trails explore the scarcely populated landscape, where peaks in the Talamanca Mountain Range can reach over 9,800 ft (3,000 m). If remoteness and inaccessibility appeal to you, Costa Rica’s wild South Central region may be just the right place.

Close to the Chirripo area there is a region called Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor. That corridor offers a lot of bird watching opportunities and there is a lot of wildlife. It’s an area of a mixture of agricultural areas and forest. The idea of the corridor is to connect the Talamanca mountain range and the Amistad National Park with the lowlands and the coastal areas.

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