Saturday 16 January we visited the Arboretum. Arboretum means a collection of trees, and now I have been there, I can confirm that it is a collection of trees. When we were there, we got a tour through the Arboretum by Juan. Juan told us a lot about the Arboretum and it was very interesting. It was in Spanish (and I do not speak Spanish very well), but on the way he told it, it kept my interest.

We saw a lot of trees of course, but also beautiful flowers, a beautiful view on the Golfe Dulce, and the most interesting thing was the walking tree. It grows to the sun, and on that way the tree can move, I found it really interesting.

The Arboretum is still under construction and development, they need a lot of volunteers to finish the initial planning of the corridor. Besides being a place for conservation of forest biodiversity, the Arboretum aims to become a meeting place for naturalists from neighboring communities and even a recreational spot for visitors.


Do you want to know more about the Arboretum, click here

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