Hi everyone! On the 28th of December all staff members of Green Life Volunteers went on a little business trip! We visited three new projects Green Life Volunteers will offer in the future. On the first day of business trip we visited a Biological Research Center in Ojochal. The research center offers projects with sea turtles, mammals, crocodiles and butterflies. We arrived in the afternoon and because it was high water we could not see the sea turtle camp. Therefore, we will visit the research center again later this week. We drove further to Dominical where we would visit and sleep at a wild life sanctuary. First we arrived at the hotel next to the sanctuary which is located in the mountains. The hotel has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, beaches and jungles. It was really breathtaking. We arrived late so it was already too dark to get a tour at the sanctuary. We slept in the volunteer house just as the other volunteers and future volunteers.The house was really nice and pretty big. It has a kitchen, two bathrooms and four bedrooms. The volunteer house also has a big patio outside, where you can lay in a hammock in the middle of the jungle.


On the 29th of December we woke up early to interview and video the volunteers and other staff members during their work at the sanctuary. The volunteers need to clean the cages, feed the animals, water the animals, prepare the sanctuary for the visitors and create new decorations for the cages. During the morning we saw all the animals of the sanctuary and got more information about all the animals during the tour. We saw raccoons, sloths, different kind of parrots, toucans, different kind of monkeys, anteaters, and many more exotic animals. Some animals are too domestic or injured to go back to the wild and stay at the sanctuary for their entire life. We got a lot of material for our video and will post it as soon as possible! In the afternoon we drove to a beach between Uvita and Dominical. We visited a sea turtle project which is smaller than the one in Ojochal and did not had sea turtle eggs when we visited. However we could see the hatchery of the project. After our visit at the project we had some free time and went to the beach. It was very beautiful and there are so many waves here!


On the 30th of December we drove back to Ojochal to visit the biological research center. We hiked over the beach and in the jungle. We got a lot of information about the animals they want to research and what you will do as a volunteer. After our hike in the jungle, we hiked to the sea turtle hatchery. The hike was over the beach with a beautiful view on the Pacific Ocean. As a volunteer you will see this every day! When we arrived at the hatchery we saw some sea turtle eggs and the accommodation at the hatchery. After we hiked back to the research center, we had the opportunity to interview the staff members and volunteers. The video of the biological research center will also be only in the next couple of weeks! Unfortunately the visit at the biological research center was our last visit of our little business trip. We drove back to beautiful Puerto Jimenez and now we work really hard to finish the video’s and manuals for you guys! So keep an eye on our website!

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