Chiara and her boyfriend Andrea volunteered with us on the Bird Conservation and Reforestation project in November of 2019. This is their review.

“My boyfriend and I took part in the reforestation project of Green Life Volunteering last November for about 10 days and it was an amazing experience!! We ended up in Rancho Quemado, a small village in the Corcobado National Park, where we helped a biologist and some local volunteers of the Monitoreo Biologico Comunitario association in their every day duties.It was interesting to see the many activities that are going on and we were happy to help out for whatever it was necessary to do at that moment: working at the tree nursery and planting trees, bird/mammals/tree monitoring in the forest, organizing a festival for the wild boar protection program and many others… Despite the fact that it was less reforestation than we expected, it was a really nice experience. The people were welcoming and we had the chance to see up close the amazing nature of Costa Rica (flora and fauna).
Janina, the coordinator of Green Life Volunteering, was really helpful for organizing everything about our stay, and patient to answer to our questions! :)”

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