Last Saturday we went to the Christmas Bird Counting Hike in Puerto Jimenez. The Bird Counting group we participated was at Osa Interactive Gardens. The hike started at 05.30 o’clock, which we find very early. First we got an introduction and an explanation about what we needed to do during the hike. We started in the Osa Interactive Gardens and saw already a lot of birds. The birds we saw were hummingbirds, toucans, pigeons, hawks, parrots, vultures, hermits, and many more. During the break they showed us the butterfly garden. This butterfly garden is a new project of Osa Interactive Gardens which will open around June 2016. This garden will contain the butterflies of the Osa Peninsula. It was a beautiful garden with hand graved art. Furthermore, they showed us the new trees they are planting in the garden. After the break we hiked in the forest nearby. We saw different kind of birds but the most beautiful bird we saw here was the owl. The Osa Interactive Garden is located in the center of Puerto Jimenez and you would not expect so much nature here. However, they need your help with planting the new trees and many more! If you want to help, you can contact them via this link. We loved this experience and we will definitely come back to the Osa Interactive Garden!

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