My time has almost finished in Costa Rica so this would be my last blog story. The last two months I have been working on my research because this is also very important next to the work I have been doing for Green Life Volunteers. Transcribing and analyzing the interviews was a lot of time consuming but it was worth it because I saw clear patterns in the motivation behavior of students who volunteer abroad. I have also send a draft version to my supervisor in the Netherlands so I had some time left for doing some activities with friends. I wanted to go surfing so I asked my boss her friend if he wants to go surfing, he said yes and off we went with his friends. Though, they were quite advanced surfers and the waves were very strong so I only managed to ride one wave haha, the rest were wipeouts but I still enjoyed it. IMG_7833Another activity what I did was going to a bird conservation center in Carate with some friends. We were planning to hitchhike so it actually took some time to get there and also the limited amount of time before the bus drove back was a bit unfortunate because the bird conservations was truly amazing. The birds looked so cool and the owner placed them especially for us outside so we took some photos of them. After half an hour we had to go back with the collective (bus) otherwise we had to hitchhike back in the dark which is not that fun. The next day I went ziplining with John, Trisha, Nejc and Jeffrey. Great fun because this was the first time for us except for John. It consisted of 5 platforms which went faster after each platform so you could really feel the adrenaline and that was awesome when you’re high in the sky with a beautiful view and just laugh on each other when they can’t break or go to slow. After the ziplining we enjoyed ourselves with some beers and some food on a beautiful view on the Golfo Dulce. Two days ago I went looking for souvenirs for my dad, mum, brother and friends. I am so bad in buying things that it took me 4 hours to finish so they better like the present haha. It also had cost me a lot of money like 135 USD haha but it is a compensation for forgetting some birthdays of my parents. In addition, I had also a nose infection because I scratched a wound open so my nose got infected by bacteria which is very easily in this kind of climate. After 3 days I was thinking to go to the doctor otherwise it could get worse. When we got there I needed 3 injections in my ass for the next 3 days so that sucked but I got better from it so was worth it. This Saturday is my goodbye party and actually I am also a little bit looking forward to going home and speak my native language because my Spanish still sucks. They should really have a Spanish school here for volunteers, it would definitely work out. Well, I am tired of typing so I would say thanks for reading and hoped you liked it. When you have the opportunity to go abroad, just go and especially if you would like to have an added value to help others then choose for Green Life Volunteers, they are truly helping out with a very low fee compared to those commercialized volunteering organizations.


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