I have officially been in Puerto Jimenez for a full week! It is unbelievable that I have been here for so long, especially because it still feels like I just arrived. Even though it has only been a week, so much has been happening in the Osa. Surprisingly, I never had to worry about being bored here in Puerto Jimenez.One concern I had about coming to Puerto Jimenez was that there wouldn’t be enough for me to do. This town has about 1000 residents and is the biggest on the Osa Peninsula. Interestingly, this small town has a charming small town feel that is really growing on me. Each person I have met has been welcoming and it’s been a great chance to practice my spanish.

photo 5Last Tuesday I was quickly put to work by Janina. Most of my week was spent posting on various recruitment websites aboIMG_20140716_105234167 copyut the opportunities that GLV has to offer. I have been working on our social media sites and doing whatever I can to let the world know about GLV’s great opportunities. Or, at least I try to work – sometimes this furry little kitten gets in the way!

Even my weekend was filled with a great mix of work and play.

Friday: Pasta Night

About a 30 minute drive out of Puerto Jimenez is a local restaurant/lodge called the Iguana Lodge that is known for its weekly pasta night. Located on the beautiful photo 4Playa Platarenas, this beach is what you picture when you imagine a tropical paradise. Even the food reminded me of paradise. Okay, so while it was well cooked, that might be a stretch. Well, can you blame me? I’ve been cooking my own meals for the past week and this was an all you can eat, chef-cooked pasta dinner.

This trip was also my first time going with Janina to fundraise for the Dog and Cat Rescue project. I was able to experience her dynamic in raising money and how she interacted with both locals and tourists to improve her projects.


Saturday: Exploring Puerto Jimenez

As a group, two other volunteers, Janina, and I went paddle boarding on the beach. None of us had ever done it before, but we took a chance and decided to try something new. In my humble opinion, it was a brilliant idea. Our little group was able to bond, enjoy the wonderful weather and beaches the Osa has to admire, and enjoy our weekend. Later in the day, we met up with another group of volunteers from Carate enjoying Puerto Jimenez for the weekend. As our group grew, we were able to learn about each other’s unique experiences in Costa Rica and what brought them here.

Sunday: The Surf Competition 

Waking up at 5:40 in the morning was not a good experience. Everything that followed, however, was unforgettable. This tournament was in its entirety a benefit fophoto 4 (1)r a local public school in the Osa. Another volunteer, Janina and I spent the day volunteering and helping the fundraiser raise money by selling foods and drinks to everyone that came for the event. Because I spent a majority of my time there interacting with people buying refreshments, I was able to meet many residents of the community and work on my spanish. This day was actually very beneficial for me. Since many of the customers could not speak english, it was necessary that I spoke in spanish. After hours working the event, I came to feel much more confident in my ability to live and flourish in a spanish speaking country. I can’t wait to see how much my spanish will progress by the time I leave!

Talk to you soon! ~ Avery

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