Though my time here in Costa Rica is sadly coming to an end, I will do everything in my power to make sure every minute left counts!

Working during the week was very normal, playing with the puppies and kitties while at the same time trying to get the word out about Green Life Volunteers. A typical day would involve waking up around 8:30, heading to Janina’s, working for a few hours, lunch break that often involves a trip to the beach, returning for a little more work (mostly playing with the animals), then heading home or out to dinner.

The weekend on the other hand was filled with new experiences. Saturday began with me waking up at 4:00 am to pack for my trip to Playa Dominical! Accompanied by a few friends from town, we headed to Dominical to relax and explore. Dominical is a near-by beach town filled with surfers, reggae, beautiful sights, and a very chill atmosphere. As you could probably guess, this sounded like heaven to me. Not that anything’s wrong with Puerto Jimenez, but it’s nice to get off the Osa every once in a while.

While there, we spent time on the beach, found a stunning and off the beaten path waterfall, met some new friends, and just unwound after the long week. And that’s honestly the great part of Costa Rica. Each beach town has a unique personality and you can never get bored of going to the beach!
























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