This is officially the beginning of my third week in Costa Rica! I have mixed feelings because while it feels like I just arrived, I feel as comfortable as if I’ve been here for months. Things have just been going by so fast and a lot has happened this past week! Green Life has had an influx of new potential volunteers, I’ve seen a lot more of the Osa, and I’ve been doing good work with GLV.


During the weekend I had the chance to experience more of the peninsula and Costa Rica’s uniqueness. Last friday was probably the most eventful day of the week, and I was practically passed out by the end of it! From 7 am until 11 pm, my day was filled with trying new things and relaxation. The day began with a boat tour around the Gulfo Dulce. We spent hours spotting dolphins, chasing whales, swimming in the gulf and enjoying the wonderful weather. At one point we even attached boards to the back of the boat and we were able to ride the waves and duck into the water to see the beautiful reef!


Later that day a group of us went to Martinez bar, a local friday night market that doubles as a restaurant for dinner. Local vendors sold really unique costa rican products while people hung out and relaxed. About two hours after we arrived, it began to storm like crazy. Think tropical storm weather: strong lightning, loud thunder, powerful winds, and flooding rain. Before it began to rain, most people were gathered outside to enjoy the weather and it didn’t seem as crowded. When everyone came into to escape the rain, the restaurant became extremely crowded. But at least it was a good chance to meet people! After we finished eating dinner, we decided to wait out the storm. We had heard that a large tree fell down and was blocking the road back to Puerto Jimenez. Keep in mind that there is only one road that goes around the Osa Penins

10526006_10152171753137064_8267832461443691735_nula and this road is the only way to get around. Little did we know, however, was that the tree was not large but GIANT. This tree had about 10 cars backed up, waiting for it to be cleared. There were two guys and a tiny chainsaw working away at cutting up the tree. It took them so much time just to get a little done. Then the big guns were called in and the local firefighters came with heavy duty chainsaws to get the job done. The storm came out of nowhere, but had the power to stop over 30 people for an hour! You can expect it to rain at least once every day, especially during the rainy season (which it is now). But you can never guess when, for how long, or how strong the storm might be. Weather in Costa Rica is never what you expect, and the remoteness of the Osa can ruin plans, but you learn to love it. Well, at le ast I have! Talk soon! ~Avery

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