Hi everyone, I will give you an update about the two rescued dogs Mila and Dobby which you maybe remember from the last blog. Mila and Dobby are both rescued by a project of Green Life Volunteers, the ‘Dog Rescue Project’. Mila has been transferred to a new loving foster family last week until she gets adopted. You can check Mila’s and others adoption post on the Facebook page of Adopciones Osa Peninsula. But Dobby, I just fell in love with this amazing dog and I want to bring her home to The Netherlands! Since a friend of my volunteered in a dog’s shelter in Spain, I wanted to adopt a street dog and give it a home she deserves. Unfortunately, the European Union has some strict rules about adopting a dog from outside Europe! And because of all these rules, it will be very expensive to adopt and transport Dobby to The Netherlands.

First of all, Dobby will need two vaccinations (one of them is against rabies). Secondly, blood samples of Dobby need to be send to the U.S.A. and need to be tested for rabies. Furthermore, Dobby will also need a chip and a kennel to transport her by airplane. Finally, other costs are the translation of the papers, the costs of the vet, and the transport cost of airline company KLM.

People who know me, will confirm that when I want something, I will do everything to make it happen. I did realise that I could not do this on my own, so I started a fundraising last week so people can help me! I find it amazing that people already helped me by donating money. However, Dobby and I still need a lot of help to make my dream come true. Click here to read Dobby’s story!

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