Hey guys it has been a while since my last blog entree so I thought let’s share a new one. Actually I have been working a lot on completing my competences in order to start with my research about student volunteers. Things I have been working on are: making a handbook for future interns about what they could work on during their internship and other relevant details, a new update of the FAQ list and the Terms & Conditions because they were pretty outdated since the start of the company, new collaborations with tour operators which will help us providing more volunteers, a sustainability content related to students because they might be unaware of the importance of it and what Green Life Volunteers are doing regarding sustainability, a fundraising content for students because we believe that volunteering abroad should be made possible for everyone and a Facebook contest for students to promote Green Life Volunteers more. As you can see a lot of progress has been made so it was time for a little holiday with my dear friend Dylan and his friends to Drakes Bay. Moreover, we went by bus at 6:00 AM in the morning and  Jaguars on Sunday 1 February 2015. When we arrived we felt very surprised about how simple but oh so beautiful it looked like. Can you imagine a hostel in the jungle with only one minute away from swimming in tropical water, surrounded by wildlife and beautiful trees. Additionally, the hosts were all very young and very relaxed, we felt immediately at home. Most of us were sleeping in hammocks which could be placed wherever we wanted. In addition, there were 3 meals per day but they were very good and really gave us a feeling of satisfaction. During the day, we explored the area, nice trails and beautiful views. Well, the most entertaining part was the night when everyone came together and live music was played, they actually sang very well! I also liked to meet all the people there, they were very chill and we shared some stories from our countries. Another positive thing was that everyone was doing his/her own thing such as writing, making music, playing some chess, cooking, playing football, hiking, swimming. After a few awesome days at the hostel, I had to say goodbye because of the work back in Puerto Jimenez. Taking the boat at 7:00 AM to Palmar Norte and there I had to wait for 3 hours before arriving in Puerto Jimenez. My friend arrived the next day with his friends and everyone continued with their trip somewhere else. After this trip I had a pretty structured life like I used to have here, working 5 days a week, going to the beach and having some quality time with my friends here in the weekends. Yesterday we went to Carate to do some interviews, we saw an ant eater which was pretty cool because he was actually standing, probably because he was scared of us. Anyway, we have managed to do 3 interviews each and then we went back to Puerto Jimenez. Still having tons of work to do but tomorrow is a very nice football match and this weekend is going to be very fun, a friend of mine rented a house and a lot of people are coming so Pura Vida I would say!

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