Inaiá volunteered with us on the Turtle Conservation project in September 2020. This is her review.

I can say that volunteering at the turtle conservation project was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. I stayed 3 weeks in Nombre de Jesus and it went beyond my expectations, all the people who work at Green Life Volunteers were very kind, since my arrival in San Jose, as at the project.
I worked directly with Ravier, coordinator of the project, and Gerardo, assistant at the time and we had a very good coexistence in these 3 weeks, it was possible to notice their knowledge of the subject when it comes to turtles, I learned a lot.
I really recommend the project to any volunteer, besides the knowledge and gratification that you will get, I’ve still had the luck to meet other amazing volunteers from all over the world. It was amazing and I consider being a volunteer again in the future.

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