Jake, 30 years old, participated in the Solar Power Project in 2016. He wrote his review on Abroad Reviews and GO Abroad.

Here is his review:

“An absolutely fantastic experience. Amazingly informative on the practical aspects of solar, while at the same time extremely rewarding and helpful to the host community. I actually got to see the lights go on in a school house that had been powerless for forty years. Mixed with the project was an absolutely amazing adventure, got to experience the wonderful biodiversity of the Osa, from monkeys and dolphins to you name it, and enjoy the exciting night life, salsa dancing in the local bars and relaxing with a beer on the beach. As well, the small structure of GL volunteers means that it relies highly on local businesses and all the funding goes directly into the community. Above and beyond expectations in reward and fun! Janina is the best!

Also, I was put in a host family on the beach with tropical scarlet macaws serenading me on my way to the workshops. Couldn’t recommend enough.”

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