Once upon a time I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer and install solar energy abroad and learn more about off-grid PV systems. I stumbled across the Green Life Volunteers organization through google searching these kind of opportunities in Latin American countries, and Green Life Volunteers offered a Solar Project at the time that lined up exactly with what i was looking for. This was my first time traveling solo abroad so I wanted to make sure that I chose the correct project. It was easy to pick this project because the information provided on the website was so thorough and the program leader, Janina, was very friendly and answered any questions I had. After meeting Janina for the first time I knew this program was going to be awesome.

The Solar Project Program offered a variety of things throughout the experience. It offered host family placement, transportation from the airport, two days of instruction on battery based off-grid solar systems, a building a solar panel from scratch workshop, installation of an off-grid PV system, an opportunity to help teach a local high school class about renewable energy, as well as free time to enjoy the richness of what costa rica has to offer. This program also provided full cultural immersion, as throughout the entire experience you are living, working and hanging out with real Costa Rican People.

I would definitely recommend this program to folks looking help the less fortunate, and those looking for some experience regarding solar energy. I would love to participate in an experience like this again!Solar_Web_2_joey

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