Project Name: GLV Internship. Project Length: 7 months. Age of volunteer at time of volunteer project: 25.

My name is Kaho Leung and I did my graduation internship at Green Life Volunteers. Janina Schan is the owner, a very helpful young woman who has a clear vision on the idea of volunteering. All of her projects are handpicked by herself to see if these projects are really sustainable by giving back to the locals & environment.

IMG_7833This triggered me to come to Costa Rica and spend my 7 months here. My job was focused on marketing development of Green Life Volunteers on one hand and on the other hand I was doing my research on target segmentation of the volunteering industry of students volunteering abroad. I worked 5 days a week with Janina on the assignments which could be for example: posting on job platforms, contacting tour operators for a collaboration, making movies of the projects, online content management on the website etcetera.

Of course, Janina helped me a lot with giving advice and information but there was also free space for my own ideas on certain subjects which I really appreciated because that kept me motivated as well during this time.

There was also time for fun things in the weekend for example: watching wildlife, boat tours, surfing, drinking or just having quality time with nice friends on the beach.

I would really recommend Green Life Volunteers to volunteer because they have real sustainable projects with the same quality as other volunteering organizations, they are one of the cheapest in Costa Rica and I just wish Green Life Volunteers to grow in having more volunteers for Janina.

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