Lisa and Brenna (Mum and Daughter) – Ostional Turtle Conservation Internship. Aged: 17 (Brenna) and Lisa (55). Lisa’s and Brenna’s Review AND Video! My daughter and I had a wonderful time volunteering with Greenlife in Costa Rica as Turtle Conservation Interns. We received outstanding support via email as we explored and prepared for this trip, were well taken care of getting us from the airport in Costa Rica to our volunteer site, and had a very rewarding experience at our destination site.Unlike other organizations we’ve experienced that advertise a “volunteering” focus, this one actually sent us to a project that indeed needed and wanted volunteers for real work. We stayed with a wonderful Costa Rican family, enjoyed the beaches and turtles and Pura Vida lifestyle, and contributed much appreciated work. It was the best!

This is the video Lisa and Brenna made after their volunteer time:

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