Hey everyone, I have stayed in Costa Rica almost 4 moths, I am still doing my internship in Puerto Jimenez. I have experienced a lot about culture, volunteer, Costa Rican life and somewhere of landscape. I had a nice holiday in Costa Rica during charismas and New Year, I went to a local Costa Rican family for celebrating charismas and New Year. I ate typical Costa Rican food and met a lot of friend. I had a road trip with Janina, we traveled to San Jose for finishing my internship visa process. I saw somewhere has good view, I saw the crocodile in the river and I went to the downtown in San Jose. Furthermore I ate local Costa Rican food and bought some souvenirs in San Jose. Sometimes I hand out with some friends to the party. They have different style of music, and different dancing style. It was fun for join the local Costa Rican party. Last week I went to Osa Peninsula volunteer organization, it is another volunteering organization, I did 3 interviews with the volunteers, I got some reflection from volunteers which I realized some problems of the project could be improved. It is really helpful for my research. I am going to do more interviews with volunteers.

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