16.-22. weekly diary

Hi my name is Guanhao I am from Nanjing, China, but I study currently in my Bachelor degree in Vitality and Tourism Management in the Netherlands. This is my first week I have been living in Costa Rica to do my Internship to complete my final requirements for my school work.

The first impression for me is it is a natural country and that the landscapes are very beautiful and it is warm here! Actually I am living in a jungle of Puerto Jimenez and close to the beach as well. Unfortunately, it still rains very often right now since it’s rainy season in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican people are very nice and friendly I should say. Furthermore, during the week day, every morning I weak up early, after eat nice breakfast start to my research work for my internship, later on my business supervisor Janina comes to our place to help and to guide us how to do our work.

IMG_0911According to November is not high season yet, there is not too much in Puerto Jimenez, we were just preparing what we going to do for our research. In 21st of November, we had a nice dinner that Janina organized, I met some friends during the dinner. It was a nice dinner, we ate pizza in a restaurant. After that other 2 friends and me went to the bar, we drank beer and had a nice get-together over there. Internships mean hard work, but there also needs to be time to discover Costa Rica and have fun!

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