Having spent a few months in Costa Rica traveling and studying Spanish, I had fallen in love with the land that they justifiably call the ‘Rich Coast’. The beauty, the climate, the friendly people and the culture had all lured me in and contributed to my devastation at the prospect of leaving and thus influenced my quest -to find an excuse to stay!

Green Life Volunteers' Intern Judi

Green Life Volunteers’ Intern Judi

I have recently graduated with a Advertising and Media related degree and it hit me that maybe I could find work experience or an Internship here and therefore deter my return to England! I scoured the internet for any related positions, which is when I stumbled across Green Life Volunteers.

GLV were looking for an Marketing Intern to get their name out and grow as a company. I read the company information and contacted Janina the Project Manager. She took well to my application and we discussed my position and where I would be working: I could put my skills into practice, gain valuable industry experience, whilst not only living in my much loved Costa Rica, but also whilst helping a worthy organisation that gives so much back to the local communities and environment.

When I arrived in Puerto Jimenez in the Osa Peninsula I was blown away by its beauty. Friends had told be this area was the ‘paradise’ of Costa Rica and they weren’t wrong. The nature here is intense and the town is ‘muy tranquilo’.

Excursion to Sustainable Farm Project in Perez Zeledon

Excursion to Sustainable Farm Project in Perez Zeledon

My Internship will last just short of a month with a week off for Semana Santa (Easter Week).

I worked with the Project Manager writing content for the website and looking at and establishing new marketing strategies. On one occasion we made a field trip up the mountains to meet a volunteer who was working on a ‘Sustainable Farming Project’ in Perez Zeledon,

which allowed me to see a volunteer programme in action and get more of an idea about what we were working towards.

Host Family in Puerto Jimenez

Host Family in Puerto Jimenez

Throughout my time here I have stayed with a host family on the edge of the small town. The Tico family is very traditional and their house located right on the beach is home to 3 generations of the family. The family took me in and instantly made me feel at home. Many of the family members are bilingual which helped where my Spanish failed.

At the Beach in Matapalo, Osa Peninsula, near Puerto Jimenez

At the Beach in Matapalo, Osa Peninsula, near Puerto Jimenez

In my time off I was able to explore a bit more of the surrounding Osa, taking kayaking trips, hikes to see crocodiles and checking out the surf beaches of nearby Matapalo. The town is small and everyone seems to know everyone,

but the inhabitants both locals and expats were more than welcoming, going out of their way to to be friendly and to make sure I was having the best possible time.

My time at the Internship has flown by, but has been so much fun! I am sad to be finishing in a couple of days and to be leaving my host family and the town.. but I’m sure that I will be back one day 🙂


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