Hi everyone, I would like to inform you about the projects that I have been working on lately. The project that I have been working on is EducaOsa. EducaOsa is an organization which provide environmental education to the rural schools around Puerto Jimenez. I went with the volunteers for EducaOsa to the schools on Thursday the 3rd of December and Monday the 6th of December. The volunteer played game with the children. I have filmed the activities that they arranged and did with the children. The theme of the visits was focused on wild animals. The volunteers made games to play with the children. It was really nice to see and the children liked it very much.


We are working on movies of the projects which Green Life Volunteers offers. I have made the movie for EducaOsa as well as the movie of the Environmental Education Project. If you are curious, you can take a look at it! Enjoy!


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