Hi everyone, Last weekend, Janina had a big surprise for us. There were two dogs who where rescued, and we got the honor to take care of them. Saturday, on Thyrza’s birthday, we got Mila. She was rescued last Friday while we had a meeting for EducaOsa. We took her to the vet, because she looked pregnant. The vet told us, she had a miscarriage. It was really sad, she had to stay at the vet so he could operate her the next day. When Janina brought her that Saturday after the operation, she was very happy and she is a wonderful dog. The next day, Sunday, we got Ponki. Ponki was also rescued. She was once hit by a car, and therefore she walks crippled. She is a mixed dog breed with a Chihuahua. Because of her big ears, we call her Dobby (the house elf of the Harry Potter movies). Both dogs are spayed and are very sweet. We are very happy that the dog and cat rescue exist because a lot of animals will be rescued and will have a change of a better future.

If you want to help any of our dogs and/or cats, you can contact Green Life Volunteers for donation or an adoption. https://www.gofundme.com/dogcatrescuec Thank you so much!


Pura Vida!


Carlies and Thyrza


Woef says Mila en Dobby

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