Jannae, Age: 41, Volunteered with her husband Tim and 10-year old child Callum, in December 2017.

We were thrilled with our family vacation to a sea turtle conservation project in Costa Rica, coordinated by GLV. The employees and volunteers at the project were welcoming and kind people. The food prepared by Maricela was healthy, delicious and vegetarian friendly. Also very local – there were papaya and plantain trees abundant in the yard!

The work with the sea turtles was life-changing for our whole family. It was an honour to help these soulful creatures. Spending so much time on these remote beaches, far removed from technology and light pollution, we felt a pure connection to nature. Also watching our son absorb a different culture and become friends with the local children who didn’t speak English was beautiful to witness.

Just be prepared for a lot of walking over different terrains – rocky hills, wet beaches, dirt roads. We literally wore out several pairs of shoes so make sure you bring high quality, comfortable footwear. We will definitely be doing a project like this again in the near future!

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