Project: National Park Volunteering, By Mariana Damasco, Nationality: Argentinian. Age: 23.

“I was a volunteer for one month in Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. Every day I got the chance to see so many different animals not only in trails but in base too, such as birds, monkeys, crocodiles, coatis, baby turtles, whales, snakes, sloths and tapir. The days passed I was more amazed by the biodiversity of the Park. I will never forget how it felt to sleep listening to the ocean and the rainforest at the same time.
Maybe my stay there was a little unusual because of the Hurricane Otto. It was several weeks of rain. The park closed and the entire country was in red emergency so every night we had to turn on the generator to watch the news and see the direction of the winds. Because of the hurricane, we had to stay most of the time in the base, it was too dangerous to walk in the forest with that much rain and wind.
One of the most interest things of that period, it was to watch a vulture hatching a plastic ball thinking it was a egg. We tried to show him it was not an egg but every day the vulture was there taking care of his imaginary baby. It was incredible to watch the persistence, because he was there even with the strong wind and the heavy rain.
For sure I will never forget what I passed during my stay in Corcovado National Park. This park has so many biodiversity, I never saw something like that. The rangers are so committed to protect that area and the guides know a lot about the life there! I learned so much about animals, about the forest and about life. It was incredible to be surrounded by nature and had that experience!”

Originally posted on Abroad Reviews.

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