We are NOW offering special short term volunteer projects or “excursion” options to our volunteers. Normally the minimum amount of time that the projects would like to receive volunteers is around one week. But NOW we can offer 2, 3, 4 or 5 day volunteering projects for some of our projects! You may choose to visit those projects on a weekend in between your other projects, or in between your vacation in Costa Rica!



The organic farming project is located in the middle of the primary jungle of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. On the organic farming project, volunteers can learn everything about sustainable farming in a jungle, and gain experience and knowledge about organic farming practices. It is about 2 hours from Puerto Jimenez by public bus, and easily reachable. The bus leaves twice a day from Puerto Jimenez. From the point where the bus drops passengers off, it is still another 1 hour by horseback to get to the farm. The organic farm is at the middle of jungle, one can only reach the farm by horse. Hence, when volunteers and tourists want to go to the organic farm, there is an opportunity to have a horse riding tour through the jungle at the same time! On the horse riding trip up to the farm participants can see wildlife such as monkeys, wild pigs, coatis, tapirs, pumas and more. The farm entrance is also located in very close proximity to Corcovado National Park, which is one of the most biodiverse parks in Costa Rica.


As volunteer, there are diverse task to do on the organic farming project, and even just for a few days you will be able to work and help out the farmers! The type of volunteer work depends strongly on the seasons. In the early morning, around 6 o’clock, volunteer can get up early and help milking the cows. After breakfast there are usually various activities throughout the day that you can participate in. You will see many different types of plants and edible fruits and vegetables. You’ll learn how the natural foods and fruits grow in the jungle. An example of fruits and vegetables grown around the farm is pineapple, banana, sugarcane, and potatoes.

Sustainable organically grown foods

During the organic farming tour, volunteers or tourist will eat real sustainable meals prepared by the host mum Teresa. The farmers harvest and utilize everything they can. Almost 90% of the produce they eat is grown and produced at the farm. You can learn how to prepare typical Costa Rican meals. Teresa the host mum loves when volunteers help with cooking and preparing meals. It’s part of the whole experience!

Horseback riding

The farmers use horses as “working animals” and a mode of transportation. The horseback riding is part of the whole experience! Volunteers. You’ll be working with the horses a lot throughout your stay at the farm. This is a GREAT experience for horse lovers or animal lovers. The horse ride up to the farm is one of the most memorable parts of the whole adventure. You don’t have to be an experienced rider – the horses are very calm and used to volunteers/ guests riding up to the farm.

Something for the whole family

Any ages and any level of fitness can be accommodated. The farm has lots of room for families and groups. There are many different activities that one can do at the farm, and different types of work. Hence, there is usually something to do for everybody! Kids are welcome at the farm too!


The fees are different from our general one-week costs. The exact fee depends on whether you will be doing another project through GLV or if the short-term project is the only project you’ll be doing. Hence, please inquire about fees for the short-term project when you’re signing up, before beginning your volunteer placement, or during your volunteer time in Costa Rica, and we will let you know the costs. We can guarantee that our costs will always be LOW and AFFORDABLE!

To make a reservation

Go to www.glvolunteers.com/apply/ and send us your application form. NOTE in the comment section that you’d like to do SHORT TERM volunteering. You can let us know your start and end dates. OR just let us know before or during your volunteer placement that you’d like to do some short-term volunteering at a different project. Of course remember that you can always combine different projects anyway, for no extra cost!


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