Stephanie – Age: 22 – Nationality: USA – Project: Dog & Cat Rescue project – Length: 3 months

Stephanie’s review taken from Abroad Reviews:

In Spring 2014, I knew I wanted to go to Costa Rica to volunteer for that summer. I didn’t know where to start, and some light research led me to Green Life Volunteers and Janina. I was able to spend 3 months taking care of animals through veterinary work and through animal rescue efforts. The country was beautiful. Every morning I would see macaws outside my house, monkeys were all around, but my favorite dose of wildlife were the crabs on the sandy beaches 🙂 Janina even went above and beyond by arranging fun excursions for when I wasn’t working with animals such as hiking waterfalls and dolphin watching. Green Life Volunteers is an honest, trustworthy organization. Their mission is true and good, keeping in mind their volunteers and the country. Janina is inspirational. She has dedicated her life to benefitting the community through animal welfare. I would 100% recommend GLV to any of my friends or anyone who wants to volunteer abroad.




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