Susie Brown from United Kingdom (50 years old at the time) volunteered on a special Monkey Research Project that was going on in January through March of 2019.

Read her review below, which you can also find on GoAbroad:

I wanted to make sure that my contribution was helpful, and that I wasn’t creating more problems rather than helping. This programme was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and loads more besides. From the moment I got in touch with Janina she was so helpful; nothing was too much trouble and she responded quickly to my numerous queries. She described in detail each project so I could make an informed decision and not choose something unsuitable. Janina also talked me through the various options I had for accommodation whilst I was there. She listened to my particular needs and found me the perfect local host family. I wanted to be a part of the community whilst I was there, not spending all my time with the other volunteers, and maybe even learn some Spanish! She even picked me up at the airport. The project itself was pretty hard work, but totally amazing. We hiked out into different parts of the jungle nearly every day, putting up audio devices to listen for spider monkeys, and possible illegal human activity, battling 40 degree heat and high humidity on day-long difficult jungle hikes. But the rewards were amazing. We explored parts of the jungle that most people aren’t given access to, we saw wildlife every day, we even had some monkeys throw their poo at us (!) which we needed for our research. It was such a wonderful experience, I loved every single day, and I have definitely made friends for life. Because I arranged this through Green Life Volunteers and knew Janina, I met some other people who were running different projects in the same area who also needed some help, so I actually got to help on some other projects too whilst I was there. I only wish I could have stayed longer.

I did a lot of research around the web and realised quickly that many overseas volunteer programmes are not what they seem. ‘Voluntourism’ is seen as a big money-making for some people, so you need to do a lot of research before committing to anything. I thoroughly recommend Green Life Volunteers. All the projects are genuine, and well-considered, and you will be making a real difference. The small fee which GLV charged me was nominal, just to cover admin costs. You shouldn’t be asked to give much more than your time. I also paid for my food and accommodation. Be wary of any organisation which asks you for lots more money just for you to have the right to ‘volunteer’.

Incredible experience volunteering on a wildlife programme researching the distribution of spider monkeys in Costa Rica.

~ Susie

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