Cleome’s Review (taken from Abroad Reviews):

I volunteered with Green Life Volunteers in August of 2015. This was my first “solo” travel experience and also my first experience volunteering abroad. I stayed with a lovely host family who only spoke Spanish and cooked me two meals per day. At the time my Spanish was very minimal, but I didn’t have much trouble communicating with the host. I do recommend brushing up on your Spanish because I would have liked to gotten to know the family a bit better. I volunteered at the private school in Puerto Jimenez for two weeks with kids that were under 12/13 years old. I loved getting to know the school kids and learning how schools worked in Costa Rica, but I felt a little bit more like a babysitter than a teacher. There were a lot of volunteers there at the time, but I still felt like my time impacted the school. My favorite part of the experience was probably being able to stay with a host family and learning about their culture. Janina was very friendly, but also very busy so I didn’t see her much. She called to check in on me a few times and we met for a drink before I left. If you’re thinking about traveling abroad, living with a family, or helping out in a local school I would highly recommend Green Life Volunteers. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and I hope to return soon!

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