Hi everyone,

We are working a lot on the website, movies, new projects, handbooks and a lot more, but we also need some relax time. And our relax time was next week. Some friends or Carlies were in Costa Rica and we did a lot of things in the Osa Peninsula. We went to Matapalo, did a dolphin tour and we went to the Corcovado National Park.

At Matapalo we did a hike, we wanted to see the waterfalls because there are a couple of them in Matapalo. Unfortunately, we could not find them (haha), but the hike was nice. We saw a lot of monkey’s, and that was the first time we saw them so that was really cool. After the hike we went to the beach, Matapalo is famous for the surfers. The beach is really beautiful. Clear blue water and palm trees, it looks like paradise.


We did the dolphin tour on the Golfo Dulce. You have a beautiful view at the Osa Peninsula, we have seen the mangroves and we did some snorkeling. And of course, we saw dolphins! There are so many in the Golfo Dulce and is really amazing to see them all coming above the water, swimming with the boat.


Wednesday we went to the Corcovado Park. We wanted to hike to the Sirena Station, sleep there for one night and hike back to the entrance at Leona Station. This is what we wanted, but we did not make it to that, it was too tough, haha. We walked to Sirena Station in 9 hours and what we saw was amazing. So many animals, beautiful view on the beach, and the jungle. It was amazing. We also had to walk a few km on the beach and that was tough with 35 degrees and a big bag on our back, but we did it! At 16.30 we were at the Station, got some dinner here and enjoyed the view in the dark with all the stars. It was a real experience and it was amazing. The next day we just walked a 3 hours hike in the area of the Sirena station. We flew back with the smallest airplane I have ever seen, but we did not have to walk back and we had an amazing view on the beach and jungle where we walked the day before. During this trip we saw a lot of animals; tapirs, white nosed coati, monkey’s, frogs, sloths, toucan, birds, anteaters, and crocodiles.


This week was an amazing week and we saw the beauty of the Osa Peninsula, it is a part of Costa Rica that you definitely have to see one day!
!Pura Vida!luiaard


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