The international migratory bird day festival is a yearly festival organized by different conservation parties and local partners. This festival is one of many Environment for the Americas annually throughout the Americas. This year it was held on the 7th of March 2015 in Puerto Jimenez and usually in springtime in North America with the focus on the autumn months in the Caribbean in celebration of Neotropical migratory birds return for the winter. In this time of the season all birds are active and busy breeding and migratory birds are busy feeding and flocking up for the long journey north. The Osa festival is therefore held as a ‘’good bye’’ for these birds on their way back to breed.

The festival aims on bringing children and adults together from Puerto Jimenez and the Osa Peninsula to celebrate migratory birds and their conservation, raising awareness and knowledge in an entertaining way among organizations and local community. In addition, the festival had a lot of activities going on at the Salon Comunal like: educational presentation talks, music, theatre puppet show and selling stands.

Green Life Volunteers had also a stand on the festival where we were promoting our sustainable projects and then especially the Dog & Cat Rescue Project. We made some T shirts which we worn at the stand and we had some flyers, business cards and necklaces for dogs to sell. These necklaces were helping birds because they will make noise when they were approaching birds and in this way birds can escape on time. It was a very succeed day where a lot of visitors came to enjoy the event and fortunately we have really been able to spread the word of Green Life Volunteers and made them aware of the importance of maintaining our projects.


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