Jazzy was part of a student volunteer group in December 2016 who volunteered in Refugio Romelia one of our turtle project locations.

Definitely a great experience to have in life. The slow-pace tropical life made everything become so relaxing. I enjoyed every second of my two weeks in Costa Rica. Spending time laughing with friends while leaning away from social media; Interacting with nature while feeling her power; watching over turtles, learning the stories of their species, and amazed by their energy and life journey.

When I was so closed into nature, I truly felt I was a part of it; a part of the sky, ocean, and forests that surrounded me. This sense of involvement cannot be found in cities, and therefore it became the most rewarding and unique aspect of this journey. 6 weeks into my routine college life I still can’t help combing back through my memories in Romelia Montezuma, Costa Rica, for it has the nicest people, cutest baby turtles and purest life.

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