Projects: Turtle Conservation & Dog/Cat Rescue. Age: 19. Country: Germany

Valentina’s Review: I have spent four months in Costa Rica and got to know five different volunteer jobs. My longest stay was with the organization GreenLifeVolunteers. I have first spent a few weeks at a Turtle Conservation Project from Green Life Volunteers. Then I have worked six weeks in the Dog & Cat Rescue Project and this time was literally the very best time I have had in Costa Rica! I loved the project work with the animals and I have had the best supervisor, Janina. She was always there for me and gave me the best support I could get, not like a boss but like a friend.

I loved to live with my host family, it just felt like home and for me living with a native family was the best way to house. Due to my other experiences with volunteer organizations, I really can say that GreenLifeVolunteers is a very good opportunity to do some volunteer work abroad. They do not have exaggerated fees like some other organizations and the money you spend really goes to your accommodation.

If I ever get the chance to go back to Costa Rica once again, my first stop is definitely going to be this place and I would recommend a stay with GreenLifeVolunteers to everyone who is interested in volunteering abroad!

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