30th– 6th,DEC. weekly diary


This week I went to Corcovado School as a volunteer for 2 days. Corcovado school is a private school located in Puerto Jimenez, it is a one of volunteering project (teach English) of Green Life Volunteers.


The Corcovado school is kind of small, which has 4 classrooms, they are divided by different age groups, first class is the children from 9-12 years old, second class is 7-8 years old, third class is 5-6 years old, and the fourth class is the kids only 4 years old. All children are taught bilingually, which are English and Spanish. There has some American teachers to teach them English. Only first class and second class have all day school lessons, are included morning and afternoon. The third class and fourth class only have morning lesson. Second class has English lesson in the morning and afternoon is Spanish lesson, the first class is oppositely. The children are taught math mathematics and science by English. During the lecture, the teacher teach them how to multiply within 20, and addition and subtraction. On the other hand, teacher will ask some questions to let children answer it and guide children how to help each other which is very interactively. Furthermore, teacher also teach them the English grammar.Children also have to do some test about what they have learned. Meanwhile, the teacher also guide them to do some activities, for instance, paper folding, draw IMG_0975a picture, and distinguish the orientations. The morning lesson is finished at 11.15, all children have 45 minutes break, and it is also a lunch time. After the lunch, all children have responsibility for clean up the table, chairs and floor. This is a practice for kids as well. At 12 o’clock they will start afternoon lesson.

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